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Monday, 26 February 2024
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Hospitality Customer Service Training


The world of hospitality is an exciting one. Whether you are running a first class restaurant on the river or a pizza restaurant in the suburbs our range of hospitality specific courses are an absolutely must for the discerning business owner.

In hospitality a business is define but its ability to provide a level of customer service and a quaility of product that keeps the customers coming back time and time again. All too often though, lack of quality service has the opposite effect. 
These courses cover the different arts and skills that so many establishments and their staff seem to lack not because they don’t want to give great service but mainly because they have never been shown how.  
Sometimes we get so busy as restaurant or bar owners that the very basic training we should be providing for our waiters, waitresses and bar staff is just brushed over in the first days induction and then forgotten about. 
It’s not just about being polite, although of course that’s a great start - it's about knowing your customer, knowing their needs and their wants and being able to deliver on those expectations. 
This valuable investment in your team will pay dividends to your bottom line and will grow your repeat business through the roof. 
The trainers we use for these courses all have a great deal of experience in the hospitality industry and know about the realities of the business and coach these courses accordingly.
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Effective Kitchen & Food Management Skills


Number of attendees: 1 to 10
Course Length: 2.5 hours
Cost of Course: $1000.00+GST
The aim of the course
The kitchen is the life blood of any restaurant, how it performs in both its efficiency and productivity can make a huge difference to the profits made by the business. This course is designed to help increase both the efficiency and productivity of the kitchen and the staff who run it.
Courses Content
  • Preparation is key
  • Simple Systems for successful food service
  • Food tracking and Food management
  • Efficient production methods
  • Taking stock is about taking control
The courses is aimed at back of house kitchen staff involved in the preparation and productions of food. The course will give the attendees a more skilled approach to their work and allow them a greater satisfaction of the tasks performed.
Customer Service is Key & Up-selling Skills


Number of attendees: 1 to 10
Course Length: 2.5 hours
Cost of Course: $1000.00+ GST
The aim of the course
To provide each of the attendees the basic knowledge of customer service in the hospitality industry, what it is?, what it means? and how to delivery it. Also to cover the basic rules of selling and how it applies to the restaurant trade; being able to upsell clients on extra purchases.
Courses Content
  • Customer service 101
  • Is the customer always right
  • How much is a smile really worth
  • The 7 basic rules of sales
  • Upselling initiatives
The courses is aimed at front of house staff looking to gain a better understanding of how ‘great customer’ service can be used to sell more products and increase the companies bottom line profits.