"I have used Peter on several occasions to help me further my career and always very successfully and swiftly. He is always my first port of call...  I recommend him to all of my friends and colleagues and shall continue to do so in the future." - A.M., Dalby, QLD

Monday, 26 February 2024
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Recruitment Training Courses - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions:


The recruitment training courses you provide, at what level of recruitment experience are they aimed at?

Because the majority of our courses are held in-house, at your place of work, the content of each course can be tailored to suit consultants of any number of years’ experience. I have trained many consultants with absolutely no experience and also coach many recruitment consultants that have been in the industry for over a decade.


What style of training would we expect from Peter Martin and Glimmer Management Consultants?

What you will not see if me reading from a text book each course has been written to engage all of the delegates but most of all give them hands on recruitment techniques that really work. My job is to help you make more billings and with each and every session I will give you the tools to do exactly that!


Word on the street is that you say you can increase my recruitment consultants billings by 25% - How is this possible or are you just full of shit? (real question from a real client)

Fair enough question too… and NO; this is not a marketing gimmick, I will show you from session number one, how to use different tools and techniques to increase your billings by a minimum of 25%. You are the one who then has to put those tools and use that knowledge and apply to your business, because as we all know, running a recruitment desk is like running your own business.


You say the most effective training you provide are 60-90 minutes sessions on a regular basis, why do you think this works the best, why not just provide a full days training?

We do provide full day and even two day training sessions but I truly believe that learning a little and learning often is the best and most effective way to grow your knowledge base and truly get the most out of each coaching session.


Do you have any references from people that have attended your recruitment training sessions in the past?  

Yes, absolutely! The majority of my business is referral, as it should be, and just below you will find a few written references and there are a heap more on my LinkedIn profile, feel free to give me a call though and I can put you in touch with some existing or past clients that would be happy to talk to you.

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Recruitment Training

“We’ll help your recruitment consultants increase their billings by a minimum of 25% each and every quarter.” –Peter Martin, Glimmer Management Consultants

Glimmer Management Consultants is one of Australia's leading providers of specialist recruitment training, mentoring and advice to both in-house and external recruiters in Brisbane. We provide quality training to recruiters in all areas of recruitment, including business development, executive search, candidate sourcing, candidate interviewing techniques, and much more.

Glimmer Management Consultants Director, Peter Martin is amongst the leading experts in the recruitment industry in Australia. He is one of the handful few authorities in the recruitment industry still actively engaged in live recruitment training. In addition to recruitment training, he also specializes in coaching, consulting, mentoring and advising for recruitment businesses, helping their owners develop their business, maximize profitability and adopt new and much more effective executive search and recruitment techniques and methodology. 

Please have a look at the recruitment training courses listed below to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Recruitment Training Courses & Programs


Two Day Recruitment Induction Course
This two day extravaganza is designed purely for people looking to start their recruitment careers. With a role as complex as a 360 degree recruiter it is paramount that we get the grounding right from the beginning. This course will give all of the attendees a full overview of the industry and give them the skills and knowledge required so that they can hit the ground running in their new careers.
Topics Covered include but are not limited to:


$1950.00 - Total price for up to 10 attendees *
Please Call To Discuss RCSA Member Discounts
Attendance to this Course Counts as 14 CPE Points
‘The Recruitment Elite’ - One Day Course
This one day in-depth coaching course shows you how to take your recruitment skills and knowledge to the next level. Designed for consultants with 1-3 Years experience, we will workshop many key areas of recruitment, strip them bare and hone our already great practises, make them more efficient and more effective.
Topics Covered include but are not limited to:
Price: $1600.00 - Total price for up to 10 attendees *
Please Call To Discuss RCSA Member Discounts
Attendance to this Course Counts as 7 CPE Points
Half Day Courses (3.5 hours)
These focus sessions are designed to cover one or two essential points of recruitment and look at them on a higher level. Take what we know, remould it and apply extra skills and activities to increase results in each area. These courses are extremely advantageous for any recruitment consultants with any number of years experience.
Courses include:
Price: $990.00 - Total price for up to 10 attendees *
 Please Call To Discuss RCSA Member Discounts
Attendance to this Course Counts as 3 CPE Points
13 Week Recruitment Coaching Program (13 x 1 hour courses)
As recruiters we should always strive for continual improvement, consistently adapting to the market and honing our skills so we can perform at our very best each and every week.
This set of one hour hard hitting and punchy coaching courses are deigned to help you do just that. Each week covering a different topic and stripping it back to the bare basics and ensuring we are performing that particular activity in the most efficient and effective way we can. These courses suitable for consultants at any and every level of experience.
Courses include:
Six Boxes of Reflection
How we monitor and consistently appraise our skill levels
Advanced Interview Skills
How to get the very best out of each interview we do
Business Development
Working your target accounts
Business Planning
How to plan the perfect quarter.
The Qualifying Process
How to win quality assignments and how to work them effectively
How To Get The Most Out Of Social Media
How to effectively use it and not waste time
Sales Techniques
Mastering different sales techniques to make us more effective
Time Management
It’s an art form that is rarely mastered, but we’ll show you how
Marketing Calls
How to achieve more success
Ad Writing And Elevator Pitching
The Where, When and How of advertising
Client Visits
Get a true understanding of how to get the most out of each visit
Exclusive And Retained Assignments
Simply put, the Best way to do Business
Top 100 Candidates
The most effective database management system… EVER
 Price: $6900.00 - Total price for up to 10 attendees *
Please Call To Discuss RCSA Member Discounts
Attendance to this Course Counts as 13 CPE Points
These prices are for the full thirteen week program
* The Prices are for the courses only and do not include travel. For any clients outside of South East Queensland there are additional charges for travel. The extra charges will be the cost of a return economy airfare to and from your location plus any other travel required. The two day induction course will have the additional cost of one nights accommodation.
Recruitment Training


“I’ll Help Your Recruitment Consultants, Increase their Billings by a Minimum of 25% Each and Every Quarter.”
Whether it is just a one off, ‘Recruitment 101’ refresher, or my comprehensive thirteen week, interactive and innovative recruitment coaching course, your consultants will be given the power to increase their billings by incredible amounts.
These courses are as effective for seasoned professional consultants as they are for the members of your team just starting out in the industry.
Why not give me a call and lets arrange time to get together and discuss things further.
What difference would a 25% increase in turnover do for your business?
Have a read of what just a few of my clients have to say...

“Peter was hired by Australian Engineering Recruitment to help up-skill our consultants. Peter's coaching skills combined with his expert knowledge of the recruitment industry has helped all of our consultants realise their potential. His passion to help people is reflected in the results he achieves. Bottom line if you want be successful in the recruitment industry get in touch with Peter, I could not recommend him highly enough.” June 7, 2011


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

1st Regan Kirk,
hired Peter as a Business Consultant in 2011



“Peter has been training, coaching, and mentoring the Bond Recruitment team for almost a year.

Peter’s role in coaching and mentoring our recruitment team at Bond Recruitment has been indispensable. He is an outstanding trainer and motivator!

There have been cases where I, or a colleague, have walked into a one on one consultation with Peter, feeling unsure or perplexed in regards to how to move forward on something; or just to work out a solution. Peter has an uncanny ability to make one reflect on the situation from another perspective, helping one to reorientate one’s own perception to another level. His ability to think out the box and to motivate others to do the same, is a special skill.

Peter engages and communicates with his audience at a hands on level, bringing a genuine and personalised touch to his coaching style.

What impresses me most about Peter is his focus on training recruiters according to a very ethical and values orientated philosophy. His main objective is to help one to be and want to be the best at what you do; and in doing so, highlighting a core pool of values:
Establishing long term relationship, creating open and honest communication channels, how one can be/or make a true point of difference, the importance of integrity (the list goes on); and finally encouraging and acknowledging that there is no one way to be a good Recruitment Consultant – that it is important to adapt recruitment to one’s own style and personality

Without hesitation, I can recommend Peter as a highly proactive and passionate trainer/ business coach, who will make ‘That Point Of Difference’ in your team or business.” May 18, 2011


1st Roxanne Flanagan, Geology Specialist Recruiter (Mining and Resources Team), Bond Recruitment Pty Ltd.
was with another company when working with Peter at Glimmer Management Consultants



“Pete was hired by BR to coach the staff and train on the recruitment process and in the soft skills arena. I have found him to be very helpful in this, Pete has taught me to think outside the square and structure myself to achieve excellent results. I have now been working with pete for almost 6 months and my results have improved, Pete has implemented the 4/13/65 diary system into our company and i personally think it is the best tools ever invented. I am now more organised, and i am no longer complaining about having no time to do things. I think that every company should have these quarter by quarter diaries, they definalty keep me autonomous and working hard on a day to day basis. I also feel more accountable for my work using this book. Thank you again Pete, I honestly dont know where i would be without my 4/13/65 - probably still unorganised and whinging about being time poor .” January 19, 2011


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

1st Alex Raft,
hired Peter as a Career Coach in 2010


“I have known Peter Martin for several years in both a professional and personal capacity. Peter has a passion for all things recruitment and a genuine desire to see his clients succeed. Peter is one of the best Recruitment Trainers that I have come across during my 12 years within the human resources and recruitment industry.” July 11, 2010


1st Derek Walsh, Recruitment Consultant, Large Recruitment Firm
worked directly with Peter at Glimmer Management Consultants


“Peter was my team leader at Bond Recruitment, I was new to the recruitment industry. Thanks to Peter's guidance, training and good ethics I have grown into a very successful recruiter. I was delighted to hear that Peter would be conducting professional training sessions for Brisbane Recruitment via Glimmer.

Peter is an absolute professional who delivers exceptional training which the whole team here at Brisbane Recruitment enjoys. I would happily recommend Peter's/Glimmer's services to any business seeking external training for the recruitment industry.” July 4, 2010


1st Clint Gough, Construction Specialist Recruitment Consultant, Bond Recruitment
reported to Peter at Recruitment Industry


“I had the pleasure of meeting Pete at the very beginning of my career in Recruitment. His communication style and techniques are quirky and certainly unique - and it works! He is incredibly engaging and his genuine heart for the success of people is his first priority as a coach. Pete helped me to set myself realistic goals and the support to achieve them and I can thank his coaching for where I am today. He will put a smile on your dial, give him a call.” January 19, 2011


Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

1st Christina Close,
hired Peter as a Career Coach in 2010


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