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Monday, 26 February 2024
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Glimmer Management Consultants - Recruitment Excellence Program - On-line Course Module


Recruitment Excellence Program


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Glimmer Management Consultants’ “Recruitment Excellence Program” is one of the very few recruitment training programs available online that guarantee a substantial increase in your billings. The reason being that this innovative learning system gives you the opportunity to learn the ‘Art of Recruiting’ from one of Australia’s leading recruitment expert Peter Martin, who is considered an authority in the field of recruitment. You are able to boost your performance significantly, make more placements and grow your recruiting business.
Our Recruitment Excellence Program enables you to receive world–class recruitment training at your convenience – whenever and wherever you like. All you need is a computer or a similar device and access to the internet and you can access our revolutionary learning system 24/7/365. Our Recruitment Excellence Program comprises multiple modules – each module specifically designed to target a certain aspect of recruitment. Our system has been designed to give you total control over what you learn and how much you learn. You can purchase one or more of the available modules at your convenience, view the course content at a frequency that suits you, and take your test when you are ready.

Please scroll down this page to view the complete list of modules that are currently available. Please note that you will need to register or log in to purchase the module of your choice. Once you have registered, logged in and purchased a module, you will be able to click through to the classroom



This introductory module helps consultants understand that they are in fact running their own virtual business within a business. The module focuses on helping you learn how instead of merely relying on learning from experience, you can make use of reflection tools like these to continually improve your skills.
Within our role as ‘end to end’ recruiters, we wear the hats of Sales People, Negotiators, Journalists, Professional Interviewers, Report Writers and Business Development Managers, to name but a few. This module will help you understand the importance of every activity you perform as a professional recruiter, and also the immense significance of choosing your clients and candidates wisely.
The word ‘Plan’ probably has the most significance here. We have many ‘Meetings’ in recruitment, but unless we understand how to structure, plan and execute these ‘Meetings’ effectively, we are not using our time as efficiently as we could be, and, in fact, should be. This module shows you how to break each meeting down into smaller portions and plan them effectively.
Networking is talked about a great deal in recruitment business. However, very few recruiters are actually able to master this part of their role as recruiters. This module will not only show you how important networking is in your success, but will also give you a very simple yet incredibly effective system of ensuring that you are networked and remain networked within your chosen industry.
Module 5: Great Interview Techniques – Coming Soon
 Marketing calls are a part of our everyday recruitment lives, but for some reason, they are feared by many and avoided by most. This shouldn’t happen if you want to succeed, as they are key to success in the recruitment industry. This module will show you how to achieve more success by structuring your new business calls in a manner that makes them easier to manage and a lot more effective.
This module is about mastering different sales techniques in order become more effective at recruiting. In this module you will learn how to apply basic ‘Sales Rules’ and ‘Sales Techniques’ to specific areas of the recruitment process.
This module will help you learn how to take the perfect job brief using specific ‘Hot button” techniques and then using this information throughout the entire recruitment process to ensure that you are working as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Module 9: Ad–Writing Skills – Coming Soon
Module 10:Client Visits – Coming Soon
Module 11:Client Presentations – Coming Soon
If you would like to know more about our Recruitment Excellence Program or have any questions, please give us a call today or email us using the contact form available on our website.