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Monday, 26 February 2024
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Sales Training Courses


Selling is one of the oldest professions in the world. A close look at the history of civilization tells us that humans had perfected the art of selling long before the advent of ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks. It is, therefore, no surprise that businesses around the world are making extensive use of the “sales training” tool to defeat their rivals.  
Several credible studies indicate that the two factors that are the most important determinants of consistent success of a business in generating sales in today’s highly competitive business world are:
  • A clearly defined and executable sales process
  • Comprehensive sales training
At Glimmer Management Consultants, we offer the most comprehensive and effective sales training solutions available today. We have provided training solutions to hundreds of businesses and thousands of professionals across Australia.
At Glimmer Management Consultants, we are constantly undergoing change and development in an effort to incorporate market trends and new developments in order to help the sales people we train become the very best at selling.
We can offer in-house sales training courses customized to suit the specific needs of businesses of all sizes and industry types, helping them increase sales productivity through our numerous and varied revolutionary sales and sales management training approaches. In addition to custom-tailored sales training courses, we also offer two standard courses that have proven track records for success. Having the ability to train as many as 10 attendees, the following two standard courses are ideal for businesses of all types and sizes.
Peter Martin, Director of Glimmer Management Consultants and a 22-year sales veteran brings his unrivalled knowledge and expertise to these courses.
“I love sales and I love helping people understand what drew them to this profession in the first place and why we do what we do. I think it is one of the greatest careers anyone can be involved in.” –Peter Martin

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Seven Sales Rules - Seven Sales Techniques


Number of attendees: 1 to 10

Course Length: 3.5 hours
Cost of Course: $1499.00 AUD
The Aim of the Course

Sales is an art form of communication–it is about having the ability to effectively communicate to your clients your message about the products or services you sell.


This punchy half day course highlights the key ‘sales rules’ and ‘sales techniques’ used to apply intelligent communication processes to our everyday work.


The course covers age old techniques and processes–ones that have been tried, tested and successfully employed time and again–with a modern approach. Resultantly, your sales team is able to deliver the highest levels of service, which naturally translate into unprecedented levels of sales and profits for your business.

Course Content

   The Seven Essential Sales Rules

  • What they are...
  • Why they Make Sense...
  • How to apply them to your business...

   The Seven Essential Sales Techniques  

  • What they are...
  • How we use them...
  • How they benefit both us as sales professional but also how they help our clients...
Who Should Attend
The course is aimed at sales professionals from any industry desirous of enhancing their communication skills and taking their sales career to the next level of success.
How to Build, Grow and Sustain a Profitable Client Base


Number of attendees: 1 to 10
Course Length: 3.5 hours
Cost of Course: $1499.00 AUD
The Aim of the Course
Even the “Naturally Born” salespeople are virtually dead in the water without the ability to Build, Grow and Sustain a profitable client base.
This course is designed to teach the delegates effective and efficient methods of how to do exactly that. We will spend time talking about building target lists and then applying techniques and skills of how to farm and nurture clients from the list in order to achieve extreme levels of success in their chosen fields.   
Often new sales people can start off very strong but seemingly with no change to their normal routine, they are unable to capitalise on their initial success and stay stuck in the ‘Average’ sales bracket.
In this session Peter Martin will help to encourage and develop the skills of the individuals attending the course, giving them the techniques to achieve ‘Awesome’ levels of sales success.
Course Content
  • Identifying your target clients
  • Working your target areas
  • Sales Techniques 101
  • ‘Top 100’ Networking skills
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • Communication Skills that really deliver
Who Should Attend
The course is aimed at sales professionals that work designated areas of development, whether it be Door to Door, on the phone, or ‘Business to Business’ sales representatives.
If you would like to know more about our sales training services or would like to schedule an initial consultation, please give us a call today or email us using the contact form available on our website.